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Cape Town, South Africa’s Mother City, is situated on a picturesque peninsula at the junction of two of the world’s great oceans – The Indian and Atlantic – on the southern tip of the African continent. Sprawled beneath the iconic Table Mountain, one of the Wonders of the Natural World, the city of Cape Town is a world class modern metropolis with a rich and tumultuous history.

The surrounding Western Cape region is among the most beautiful and biodiverse on earth, boasting quaint historical villages, soaring mountains, pristine beaches, stark deserts, lush forests, vineyards, and the world’s richest floral kingdom. For these reasons, and many others, Cape Town has become the most visited city on the African continent, and regularly tops lists of the world’s most desirable tourist destinations

Wanderer Tours & Travel prides itself in being the best way to experience this magnificent part of the world. Our Cape Town Tours are designed to show off the many delights of the city and surrounding regions, from the vibrant nightlife in the city centre to the fauna and flora of the many pristine nature reserves, and the sublime beauty of our oceans, which are populated by some of the largest creatures on earth.

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